About Us

Before Plumbingandheatingsupplies was formed, we were employed by a company that dealt with electronics. As part of our workshops there, we had the pleasure of interacting with students and other people who were interested in the event. As a result, we would often have to deal with different doubts on certain concepts or information that they had regarding certain aspects of our work.

This led to the idea of creating a free online space so that people are able to access this type of information for free. In order to share information about these concepts, we began by sharing information on free online forums and platforms. In addition, I realized that our audience expects more from us, which sparked the realization that we need to do more. In order to provide you with the best service we began considering adding more details such as step-by-step methods, DIY processes, guides, tutorials, courses, and videos.

The information on our website is vetted by a team of subject matter experts who possess a thorough understanding of the engineering processes involved in electronics. We have a team of technical experts who are both passionate and innovative when it comes to building electronics-based projects for our clients. We have been featured on a variety of websites such as electronicsforu.com, hackster.io, instructable.com, and many others.

We have a clear and honest review method that relies heavily on customer opinions as well as feedback and suggestions from our readers in order to provide an honest and objective review. For our readers, we scour thousands of reviews online and use our own personal experience to suggest the best products based on the results of those reviews.

In a typical month, Plumbingandheatingsupplies reaches out to more than 1 million unique users. As a result of our social audience support, we are able to share information with our audience quickly. There is a 60% percentage of our readers who are students, which makes our website a valuable resource for lecturers, professors, and professionals at all levels. As always, we make sure that our readers receive the most up-to-date information possible. As part of our in-house effort, we have a team of experts with a great deal of experience in each of the subjects that we deal with.